Olympus E-500 Review – TrustedReviews

Olympul E-500 evolt digital cameraTrusted Reviews feature a new review of the Olympus E-500 digital camera and states:

The E system from Olympus is the only digital SLR system designed from the ground up to be wholly digital. All of the other D-SLR systems from other manufacturers are based, at least in part, on existing 35mm film SLR standards, including body designs, lens mounts and even lenses.

The initial impression of the Olympus E-500 camera is overwhelmingly favourable. The E-500 is a very handsome piece of kit, with a solid and businesslike appearance.

This camera is very well appreciated in this review, and the conclusion is: “‘The E-500 should secure Olympus a place on the lucrative consumer D-SLR shelf alongside the Nikon D50, Canon EOS 350D and Pentax *ist DL. It is a very well designed camera, combining excellent picture quality, outstanding performance and lots of creative versatility, while still maintaining beginner-friendly simplicity and easy handling. It is a genuine pleasure to use, and produces superb results.”