Orange SPV M600 Review

MSMobileNews published an Orange SPV M600 review and the Mobile WiFi features are appreiated:

The M600 has an integrated WiFi adaptor like its bigger brother the M5000,this means that if you’re in range of a WiFi hotspot then you can surf the Internet for far cheaper and normally at far greater speed than would be the case were you using a GPRS connection. The WiFi in the M600 isn’t the strongest but is functional which is I guess a sign of the trade off between battery life and WiFi range, if WiFi killed the battery in 10 minutes then we’d all be very unhappy so the slight reduction in range is something that is happily given up in place of another, more important feature.

The Conclusion of this SPV M600 Review:

The Orange SPV M600 is a great trade off in terms of size versus function; with a feature packed list of specifications that actually delivers on most counts it will keep the vast majority of its customers more than happy. With WiFi, Bluetooth, a decent screen (bright and clear although not as high resolution as we’d have liked), a CPU that runs at a speed faster than you would expect and all of the usual features that you would expect from a Windows Mobile Pocket PC such as Internet browsing, audio and video playback, full POP and IMAP email support, and the ability to be able to install a huge range of third party applications, the M600 is a very powerful device that fits in the palm of your hand.