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Orange SPV C550 smartphoneinfoSyncWorld has a Orange SPV C550 review and writes:

At 108 x 46 x 18 mm and 107 g, the Orange SPV C550 is nearly an exact match for its predecessor, the C500, with regard to size. A splash of silver paint and more symmetrical shape makes a world of difference. – but when it comes to attractiveness, first place goes to the 65K colour QVGA display of the handset. A first for Windows Mobile devices, it is a pleasure to behold in all of its crisp, 240 x 320 pixel glory, yet not the brightest and most high-res we’ve seen – an honour currently bestowed upon the Nokia N90 – but it’ll give most any smartphone a run for its money.

Appreciated features of the Orange SPV C550 smartphone: Sizzlingly sharp screen; good audio quality; long battery life.

“For music afficionados, the SPV C550 might be the best alternative yet – even better than the Sony Ericsson W800i due to its MP3 and WMA support, although it cannot match the battery life of the latter. The skew towards music is evident through the rejiggered keypad and the inclusion of over-the-air music downloads, but for those not bent on music these and other tweaks might prove more of an annoyance than a boon. Still, there’s lots to like about the C550, such as a brilliant screen, good audio quality and long battery life – but keep in mind it’s not top-of-the line in any area except for music.”

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