Orange SPV C550 review from Cool Smart Phone

Orange SPV C550 smartphoneCool SmartPhone features a new Orange SPV C550 review and writes :

“The latest in the SPV range, the SPV C550 smartphone is pretty similar to the C500 which was released a few months ago. This time however the joystick has made a come-back, Windows Media Player 10 is on-board, there’s dedicated music buttons on the front, funky headphones, a massive 128Mb MiniSD card in the phone ready to go, the camera is now a hi-res mega-pixel jobby and the screen resolution has swelled too!

The phone itself is fairly nippy and operates well. Whilst it’s slightly heavier and slightly larger than the C500 it’s not really noticeable. The screen blanking out – when you don’t want it to blank out is a bit annoying to say the least, however if you don’t mind the screen going off and don’t mind pressing one key to see what’s happening then this is definitely a phone to consider. The camera quality of the Orange SPV C550 is excellent, the build quality – in my opinion – is better and the screen will suck you in like a tornado. The addition of the music keys is a helpful addition for those who want to listen to music on the go, however they may be wasted a little on those who don’t. As for the games showing up “in a small window” then please do remember that this isn’t the fault of the handset – it’s just that we have to wait a little for programmers to recode their games and apps to resize depending on the handset running the software.”

This review of the new Orange SPV C550 smartphone concludes:

So, if you want a phone that has a screen which you can see all the time and you don’t mind about camera quality, get the Orange SPV C500. However, if you want one of the new breed with a higher resolution screen, megapixel camera, great sound quality and a joystick then get the C550 smartphone. If you already have an SPV C500 then, if I’m honest I’d say stick with it for now. However, if you’ve got an E100, E200, MPx200 or even the Classic SPV then this phone is well worth a gander. The Orange SPV C550 has got the looks, the power and the quality. The addition of the play buttons will attract the MP3 boys and girls who can’t let go of their iPod, plus the inclusive 128Mb MiniSD card gives more than enough room for you to carry your tunes around.