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Samsung SCH-i730 Review – Cnet Reviews

Samsung SCH i730CNET Reviews features a Samsung SCH-i730 review and writes :

The Samsung SCH-i730 for Verizon Wireless manages a pretty impressive feat: It shrinks a Windows Mobile-based smart phone into a form factor that actually fits comfortably in your pants pocket and includes broadband wireless, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, a built-in keyboard, and a speedy processor. Despite some irritating quirks in its wireless support, the Samsung i730 stays in the running for the “Treo killer” title.

Appreciated features: Five-way wireless support (IrDA, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, CDMA 1xRTT, and EV-DO); speakerphone; comfortable slide-out QWERTY thumb keyboard; two batteries included; excellent third-party software support.

Samsung SCH-i730 smartphone receives 8.3 points (out of ten) in this review:

“Small, light, and powerful, the Samsung i730’s high-speed data support and built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi make it an excellent choice for those who have to stay connected at all times, though the crippled Bluetooth support may spoil the party for laptop road warriors.”

Samsung SCH i730 Review – MobileBurn

Samsung SCH i730 cell phoneMobileBurn has a review of the Samsung SCH-i730 cellphone and writes about its size and look:

Make no bones about it, the SCH-i730 is a very large device – even for a Pocket PC PDA. At 191g (6.7oz) with the slim 1100mAh battery (add 18g/.6oz for the extended 1700mAh unit), the i730 is a device that makes its presence in your pocket known. It is also relatively large in a physical sense, measuring almost exactly the same as a Sony Ericsson P910: its dimensions are 115mm x 59mm x 25mm (4.5″ x 2.3″ x 1″), not including the stub antenna. Using the extended battery increases the i730’s thickness 25% further. Extending the keyboard increases the length to 154mm (6.1″).

The conclusion of this nice Samsung SCH i730 review:
“While the Samsung SCH-i730, with its Bluetooth, WiFi, and EV-DO data support, makes a damn versatile connected PDA device, it just is completely inadequate for most people as a mobile phone. The very poor battery life and even worse reception keep the i730 from being a capable mobile phone. With those two things fixed, Samsung would be on to something. There are other issues, of course, but for a device as large and expensive as the SCH-i730, poor battery life and reception are deal breakers.”

Samsung P207 Review – Mobile Tracker

Samsung P207 Cell PhoneJon from Mobile Tracker published an Samsung P207 review and wrote:

“Overall the voice features were impressive, but I’m not sure if I would use them on an ongoing basis…
In the end I enjoyed this handset, but would not purchase it for myself. Bluetooth is a dealbreaker for me, especially when there are features like a camera and MP3 ringtones. If there was an updated version made with Bluetooth, it would be a killer mid-tier phone. The display and design are the two selling points to the phone, with the speech-to-text stuff being a bonus.

If you’re the type that buys a lot of accessories, the Samsung P207 might not be the phone for you. Since the P207 doesn’t have a standard headset jack, you’re going to have to get a headset built specially for it. But if you’re after a stylish phone without paying a premium, the P207 might be your jam.”

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V4400 Consumers’ Power

Engadget reports that the upright South Korean citizens who make up “Tipsters for the Public Good” and a related group called “V4400 Consumers’ Power” are taking legal action against Samsung for falsely advertising their SPH-V4400 cameraphone as being similar in quality to a standalone digital camcorder:

Hard to imagine anyone realistically expecting sparkling video from a cameraphone, but the head of V4400 Consumers’ Power is pissed, he says that Samsung advertised the V4400 as being able to record videos that would be comparable to those of a regular digital camcorder, but when he bought it he discovered that, “the difference between that and a real camcorder, which records 15-30 frames a second, is the difference between heaven and earth.” Dude, you just lost us.

Samsung SGH-S800 Expected

Samsung SGH-S800 mobile phone will feature bluetooth, memory expansion card slot and camera. The phone is reported to weight about 60 g and also the SGH S800 will be a really music phone. The only thing that is known is that the the FCC has approved the new phone from Samsung.

As soon as there will be official information about the new Samsung SGH-S800 features and specifications we will keep you informed.

Samsung MM-A800 Review from Cameratown

Samsung MM A800 Mobile Phone There is a new Samsung MM-A800 review (or Samsung SPH A800) :

“For those who want a very competent phone with very good signal strength, audio quality and features such as video and still capture, Samsung’s MM-A800 Multimedia Phone is a top competitor. No other phone available in the U.S. offers the quality, camera resolution, and features that are integrated into this phone. For example, you can aim the camera phone at a business card, take the picture, confirm which part of the image is the company name, contact name, address, and phone number, and the new MM-A800 from Samsung will convert the data to text and automatically insert it into the contact’s database. The phone also features a built-in music and video player and is compatible with Sprint TV, giving you access to a variety of channels (News, Sports, Weather). The streaming video feature definitely had hiccups during playback, but as bandwidth speed increases and Sprint works out some of the kinks in their system, this will become a fun if not expensive feature.

As a camera phone, the Samsung MM-A800 is king of the hill, at least in the U.S. With 2-megapixel resolution, PictBridge compatiblity which allows you to print directly to a compatible printer, wireless uploads directly to your own photo albums, and the ability to use removable Transflash memory cards to store additional photos, having this phone in your pocket means you’ll always be ready to capture a photo.

The real shining star of this phone is actually the phone. I guess that’s a good thing considering that this IS a mobile phone. Signal strength, screen resolution & size, business card scanner, accurate voice dialing, and the compact sliding form factor all help to make this the ultimate mobile phone. If you want a great phone with the best integrated digital camera, then the Samsung MM-A800 by Sprint is a great choice. If you want a great point & shoot digital camera built into a phone, then you’ll have to wait keep waiting. ”

from the Samsung MM-A800 review at Cameratown

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Samsung SPH V6900

Samsung SPH V6900 cell phoneThe new SPH V6900 from Samsung Electronics is a cellular handset using Broadcom’s Bluetooth technology and the first to be able to wirelessly stream stereo music from a phone to the headset.

The A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) is used to stream stereo sound to Bluetooth enabled stereo headphones. The other AV profiles (AVRCP, GAVDP) provide remote control of audio including functions such as pause, play, and volume up or down.

The Samsung SPH V6900 cell phone also offers the CTP (cordless telephony) profile that enables the phone to connect to home gateway devices so that the mobile phone can be used as conventional wireless phone in the residence or small business.

The Samsung SPH-V6900 phone is currently shipping in Korea.

The Samsung SPH-V6900 is based on the SGH-D500 and featiures a 1.3 megapixels camera, 1.9-inch QVGA screen, and a memory of 90MB. Apparently this is a CDMA phone.

Samsung SCH-A950

Samsung SCH a950 cell phone

Samsung SCH-A950 is a music-oriented phone with a spinning scroll wheel on the front, built-in stereo speakers, and a TransFlash memory card slot. Besides a megapixel camera the Samsung SCH-A950 camera phone is a this dual-band digital phone and also includes Bluetooth, a megapixel camera, and dual color displays. According to the Bluetooth SIG web site, the phone will only support the headset, handsfree and serial primary profiles, not DUN or OBEX.
Phone scoop reported New Samsung CDMA Clamshells Leaked

Samsung SGH-D720

Samsung SGH-D720 camera phone pictureSamsung SGH-D720 is a megapixel camera phone with flash and video recording. Samsung D720 also supports MP3 ringtone and MP3 playback. This is a triband phone and features GPRS, WAP, Java, Bluetooth.

The sizes of this slider phone from Samsung: 99 x 47 x 22 mm and 110 g weight.

InfoSyncWorld previews the Samsung SGH-D720 cell phone and writes:

Unlike previously announced Series 60 smartphones, the SGH-D720 from Samsung doesn’t look to be ahead of the pack – in fact, depending on whether it gets released soon, it’s just barely on par with other handsets on the market. Tri-band GSM/GPRS 900/1800/1900 MHz is adequate, as is the inclusion of a 1 Megapixel camera with 4x digital zoom. Similarly, the ability to also record video messages is nothing new, nor is MMS or the RealOne player which offers MP3 and RealAudio/RealVideo playback.

The display of the Samsung SGH D720 smartphone, however, is of typical Samsung high-end quality with a resolution of 176 x 208 pixels and 262K colours, and the inclusion of dual stereo speakers with virtual surround is nice

Mobique writes about the new Samsung SGH-D720:
“In most aspects, the Samsung D720 resembles its elder brother, the D710, very much – where it includes features such as tri-band compatibility (GSM 900/1800/1900), GPRS always-on data connectivity, a large 262,144-colour TFT display, a 1.0-megapixel integrated camera, organiser features with SyncML support (for both local and remote operations), and support for removable MMC memory cards.”

Samsung SCH-V770

Samsung SCH-V770Samsung SCH-V770 7MP camera phone
The SCH-V770 camera phone from Samsung was announced at CeBit 2005 and has a 1/1.8 inch type CCD image sensor, 3x optical zoom lens, flash and manual focus control. Samsung V770 also has 32 megabytes of internal memory. The really great feature is the 7 MP camera of the phone.

InfoSyncWorld has a preview of the Samsung SCH-V770 mobile phone with 7MP camera and writes:

Featuring 3x optical zoom, auto focus, built-in flash and a user interface likely to be more suited for camera use rather than telephony, the Samsung SCH-V770’s built-in lens has a focal length of 7.8 to 23.4 mm, offers manual focus control and has a shutter lag of 0.0005 second. A QVGA TFD display with 16M colours doubles as a viewfinder, and there’s also 32 MB of internal memory – which, in the name of honesty, won’t get you very far with a 7 MP camera.

Mobile88 forum posts a thread full of pictures of the new Samsung SCH-V770 7MP camera phone: “All we can say is that the screen is great (really, what’d you expect?), it’s got decent balance, and it’s surprisingly plasticy and light.”

Samsung SCH-V770 Specifications:

Standard – CDMA 2000 1Ð¥ EV-DO 800 MHz
1/1.8” 7-megapixel CCD-sensor
Zoom – 3Ñ… optical and 5Ñ… digital
Exposure – from 15 sec to 1/2000 sec
Video – 640×480 pixels at 15 or 30 frames per second
2” TFT-screen, QVGA, 16М colors
Expansion slot for MMC Micro
64-tones polyphony
Dimensions – 123.7×54.2×26.3 mm
Weight – 184.4 g