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Panasonic X800 Smartphone Review

Panasonic X800 SmartphonePanasonic X800 Smartphone is a Symbian OS clamshell aith VGA camera, Bluetooth and GPRS measuring 100mm x 48mm x 17.2mm (3.94″ x 1.89″ x .68″)

X800 has a main TFT LCD display of 176 x 208 pixels with 65k colors. It also has an external display of 64 x 96 pixels (CSTN/56k colors).

Panasonic X800 Review

MobileBurn features a Panasonic X800 review and writes:

“The X800 is a good looking effort by Panasonic, but its UI leaves a lot to be desired. The absence of shortcut allocation to the D-Pad and side button, and poor keypad backlighting was very disappointing. I don’t believe that the X800 is good enough to compete with other Symbian OS smartphones out there in terms of functionality. However, it will appeal to clamshell zealots and the fashion-conscious. If you are looking for a smartphone, but do not wish to weigh your pants down, the Panasonic X800 might be the phone for you, but only if you can overlook its flaws.”

Panasonic VS3 Review

Panasonic VS3 Mobile PhoneThe Panasonic VS3 is equipped with a 1.3-megapixel digital camera and an X-Changeable Covers. Pictures and video clips really come to life with the clear 2.2-inch TFT display. It features the new way to enjoy communication via colourful flashing light. With all these features, the slim and stylish VS3 is certain to make communicating more enjoyable.

Panasonic VS3 Review

GSM Arena reviews the Panasonic VS3 and writes

The brilliant huge display is not the only characteristic the new Panasonic VS3 cellphone is going to attract customers’ attention with. It also offers a remarkable design, a clamshell auto-open construction, a megapixel camera and a solid functional construction.

I got familiarized with Panasonic VS3 quite fast. The more I was getting used to its design, its brilliant display and its comfortable keypad, the more I felt sorry that the phone lacks certain higher-class functions. I could possibly get over the lack of an outer display, but I do not want to live without synchronization and Bluetooth. Searching in the phone book by first character and the worse signal selection appeared to be additional factors that took off some of my affection for this phone. Nevertheless, I am still attracted to Panasonic VS3.

Info Sync World writes about the Panasonic VS3 (preview):
‘Also an oddity, the Panasonic VS3 phone includes something Panasonic calls ‘Message Illumination’, which essentially consists of the phone scanning incoming messages for emoticons and causes the phone to flash different colours and patterns according to the user’s preferences. Lastly, also from the department of nifty, there’s a cool press-a-button-to-open feature; no chance of accidentally landing your phone in the next cubicle over with a quick flick of the wrist here.’

New Panasonic SC3 Review

Panasonic SC3 phoneMobile Burn has a new review of Panasonic SC3 called: “Review of Panasonic’s Slim SC3 “.

The SC3 is the latest entry-level colour phone from Panasonic. Featuring a 65K colour TFT display, an integrated VGA camera, and GPRS, the SC3 is a sleek and slim dual band (900/1800 MHz) GSM mobile phone. Clad in black and silver, the SC3 should appeal to a wide market, but does it work well? Let’s find out.

The Panasonic SC3 mobile phone measures 91.5mm x 45mm x 16.8mm (3.6″ x 1.8″ x .7″), and weighs a mere 76g (2.7oz). It feels quite comfortable in the hand, and its slim form factor makes it easy to slip into a jeans pocket. Overall, the Panasonic SC3 is a solidly built mobile phone. I did not find any squeaks or creaks, and I really like the stardust effect of its black casing. The raised silver margins around its sides provide good grip, too. The new SC3 from Panasonic is a case when simplicity can also be stylish.

The Panasonic SC3 phone provides basic functionality, great call quality, good battery life, and most importantly, an affordable price tag. However, the Panasonic SC3’s keypad is where it fails terribly. The flushed set of keys gives a good form factor, but it severely impairs functionality. It would have gotten a Highly Recommended rating if only the keypad was more usable. With that said, I believe the SC3 is a capable phone that can satisfy the average user’s needs.