Monthly Archives: January 2005

Nokia 7650 first camera phone from Nokia

Nokia 7650 smartphoneDo you remember the Nokia 7650 camera phone? Yes, it was the first camera phone and the first mobile phone with color screen from Nokia. When it was launched back in 2002 this phone made a lot of waves.

Another great feature of the Nokia 7650 smartphone was the Symbian OS. The Nokia 7650 uses the Nokia Series 60 platform (powered by Symbian OS v6.1), and it was viewed as a combined mobile phone, digital camera and PDA.

The Nokia 7650 mobile phone has 4MB of onboard memory, a colour screen, digital camera that takes 640×480 images, and has screen dimensions of 176×208 pixels (34×41 mm). It also have features like Bluetooth, GPRS, MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) that today are a standard.

This Nokia Mobile Phone was also the first Slider Phone. Yes it was the first, and until this year Nokia never released another slider phone.

Nokia 7650 features an 103 Mhz CPU which is fast enough. The phone still can handle almost any Symbian application on the market but is very limited by the memory (only 4 megs available).

A lot of people loved Nokia 7650 and a lot of people still use it today.